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Created by Moody’s Corporation in 2017, Reshape TomorrowTM is a global financial inclusion initiative for small business owners on a mission to promote greater prosperity and opportunity at every level of the market. WEConnect International is furthering the mission of Reshape TomorrowTM in partnership with Moody’s Foundation through the Financing Your Growing Business programs, advancing women business owners around the world by helping them to build their capacity to finance their growing businesses from right where they are.


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Our aim is to prepare and empower growth-oriented women-owned businesses with the critical connections, skills, and expert knowledge needed to successfully access capital, scale their enterprises, and improve their local communities and economies by making a meaningful and prosperous impact.

Together we are thrilled to offer free, expert-level training programs on creditworthiness, educating, equipping, and supporting women business owners around the world with the tools and confidence they need to grow and scale their businesses on their own terms.


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WEConnect International and Moody’s Corporation have joined together to connect two critical challenges to growth faced by women-owned businesses—access to markets and access to finance. Our partnership looks to bridge these gaps holistically, providing immediate resources to empower women entrepreneurs through financial knowledge while investing in gender-inclusive sourcing practices and pioneering research to explore how to better address these linkages in the long-term. With a common mission to build a more just, equitable economy, WEConnect International and Moody’s Corporation are actively working to remove obstacles for women business owners to grow, scale, and contribute to the sustainable future of their communities.


What We’re Doing Together

circle shakehands Membership with WEConnect International
Dedicated to action-oriented leadership, Moody’s Corporation joins the alliance of more than 85 multinational organizations committed to gender-inclusive sourcing on a global scale.
circle woman Council on Scaling Women-Owned Businesses:
Underwritten by Moody’s Corporation, WEConnect International’s Council on Scaling Women-Owned Businesses will generate pioneering research on how to connect two critical challenges faced by micro, small, and medium enterprises owned by women - access to capital and access to markets
 circle growth Financing Your Growing Business:
Creditworthiness Training Programs for Women Business Owners designed in partnership by WEConnect International and Moody’s Foundation through the Reshape TomorrowTM initiative.
We believe the time is now to prepare and empower growth-oriented women business owners to be powerful, positive, and prosperous leaders in the market. This is why we have brought our experts together to create a free signature curriculum designed specifically for women business owners in the WEConnect International Network that teaches you how to develop your creditworthiness, access capital, and expand upon your critical connections, skills, and knowledge.



Our organizations are committed to building successful and impactful training programs on both a global and regional scale. We have three core values that propel us forward in this partnership, and that are inherently a part of each program we create together!

INSPIRE CONFIDENCE. Leading a business is an exciting, vast, and challenging venture. It is our honor to come together to educate, equip, and support women business owners like YOU throughout your journey so you truly believe in your own ability to grow and scale your business.

IMPART KNOWLEDGE. We believe the cultivation of knowledge and understanding is the catalyst for launching powerful, positive, and prosperous female business leaders into the market. Before the launch of our programs, we led focus groups to assess the current challenges faced by local women business owners. It was essential to us that we’d be able to listen, analyze, and address the real needs of our network as we utilized the professional skills of Moody’s local employees so we could rest assured that we’ve created powerful content that will make a tangible difference in YOUR life.

EMPOWER WOMEN. With your innate boldness, innovation, and passion, we know that you, as a woman business owner, already have everything you need to accomplish anything you set your mind to. But we’ve seen that others just like you fully thrive when they have access to the right people who can be trusted to help them cultivate business goals and cheer them on as they advance in their careers. We can’t wait to help YOU find your people.




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