What is Business Readiness?

Corporate members have identified 15 key factors in evaluating a company’s capacity to access their supply chains: 

  1. Up to date governance documents
  2. Tax returns for three years
  3. Website-Email address for customers
  4. Insurance
  5. Business Plan/ Marketing Plan
  6. Dun & Bradstreet Number
  7. Up to date financial statements/ Audited financial statements
  8. Payment and Invoicing systems
  9. Documented hiring and firing procedures
  10. Documentation for the facility where the company operates
  11. Loans or financing/Line of credit
  12. Multi-national partners, agents, customers (purchase orders, invoices, etc.)
  13. Supplier diversity program
  14. Sustainability or “green” measures
  15. Social Media Plan/ Has the company revisited the marketing and business plan?

The Business Readiness part of the interview and assessment will provide a customized assessment of how many of these best practices the company has in place. These factors are not part of the certification criteria. They help each business owner understand their own capacity to do business with our corporate members and provide WEConnect International with insight into training and capacity building we should offer.