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November 2015

TOP STORY: WEConnect International in Mexico Forum

WEConnect International in Mexico hosted its 4th anual fórum on November 6 in Mexico City. The event was very well attended by more than 120 people including women business owners, corporate members and government officials. The forum was a great opportunity to discuss the role of women as drivers of the economy and their role in multinational value chains. Among our esteemed guests and panelists including the U.S. Embassy's Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. William Duncan, Head of ProMexico's export promotion unit Ms. Elena Achar and President of Inadem (National Institute for Entrepreneurship) Mr. Enrique Jacob.

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September 2015

TOP STORY: WE-APEC - Make Your Connection

WE-APEC is connecting business networks, the private sector, and government to help women-owned businesses grow and access markets in the Asia-Pacific. Its website provides a number of resources including a new searchable directory that provides easy access to over 600 service providers for women entrepreneurs in APEC.

This week, WEConnect International COO Jean Rogers is in The Philippines for the APEC 2015 conference: Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World. She will share her insights during the Workshop on Facilitating SME Trade through Better Understanding of Non-Tariff Measures.

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August 2015

TOP STORY: WEConnect International Presents Two-Year Update on Clinton Global Initiative Commitment

As most of you know, women do 70% of the world's work and earn only 10% of the income. Women own 1/3 of all private businesses and earn only 1% of corporate and government procurement spend.

To help address these gaps, the Clinton Global Intitiative spent two years incubating a mega commitment called "Advancing Women-Owned Businesses in New Markets."

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July 2015

TOP STORY: WEConnect International Day - A Huge Success!

On June 22, 2015, nearly 200 women business owners, corporate members, and government officials from 10 different countries met for a day dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs and educating all on the benefits of supplier diversity and inclusion. The conference presented a tremendous opportunity for suppliers and buyers alike to make new business connections, and we're certain that many left with new leads and business ideas.

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