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June 26, 2017

diversityinc FP borderThe purpose of this DiversityInc questionnaire is to obtain a better understanding of how diversity and inclusion are conceptualized and executed globally. The organizations intends to examine what challenges global companies face, how they respond to these challenges and the best practices they have developed.  

Data collected from this annual survey will form the basis for the data-driven benchmarking practices that recognize the better performing (that is, fair) companies and encourage all global companies to take advantage of the competitive edge that enhanced diversity and inclusion bring.

May 10, 2017

IFCThe business case for gender equality isn't just about women's leadership. Investing in Women: New Evidence for the BusinessCase shares new findings that show how IFC clients and partners have grown, profited, and innovated by closing gaps between men and women as employees, entrepreneurs, customers, and community stakeholders.  

April 27, 2017

nglcc logoThe National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, a WEConnect International partner organization, in collaboration with its partners in the National Business Inclusion Consortium (NBIC), has named the second annual Best-of-the-Best list of corporations in America committed to diversity and inclusion across all communities. Among those honored were several WEConnect International corporate members, including: