Press Releases

February 07, 2017

Cómo mejorar la recopilación de datos para transformar la información sobre las empresas de mujeres en impacto

BOGOTÁ -- WEConnect International realizará el próximo martes 28 de febrero, en el Club El Nogal de Bogotá, el Foro Nacional 2017 en Colombia, el cual se enfocará en el empoderamiento de las Mujeres Empresarias en Colombia con oportunidades de negocios a nivel mundial a traves de las redes de WEConnect International. A este importante evento, asistirán más de 100 mujeres emprendedoras y 20 profesionales corporativos.

January 10, 2017

Washington, DC -- WEConnect International is excited to announce its Founding Ambassadors:  Janice Bryant Howroyd, Founder and CEO, ACT-1 Group; Margery Kraus, Founder and Executive Chairman, APCO Worldwide; and Mei Xu, Co-Founder, Co-Owner, and CEO, Pacific Trade International-Chesapeake Bay Candle.

WEConnect International Ambassadors are a very select group of internationally successful women business owners who devote time and talent to bolster WEConnect International’s commitment to opening doors for women business owners, economic empowerment and inclusive growth.  WEConnect International Ambassadors share their wealth of business experience and offer a legacy of support that paves the way for other women to follow.

November 18, 2016

LIMA -- Today we celebrated the five year anniversary of APEC’s San Francisco Declaration on Empowering Women for Economic Growth.  The celebration was hosted during the APEC CEO Summit in Lima, Peru, focused on critical issues facing the region.  

Since the inaugural APEC Women and the Economy Summit in San Francisco in 2011, APEC has made remarkable strides in addressing the five key pillars identified at the Summit that impact women’s economic empowerment: access to capital; access to market; skills and capacity building; women’s leadership and agency; and innovation and technology. As we take the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the last five years, we do so with an eye to the future challenges and opportunities where APEC economies and the private sector can create meaningful change for women throughout the Asia Pacific region.