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WEConnect International in South Africa identifies, educates, registers, and certifies women's business enterprises that are at least 51% owned, managed, and controlled by one or more women. WEConnect International is the only non-profit organisation in South Africa that provides the seal of certification uniquely to Women Business Enterprises (WBEs), and also, that connects these WBEs with multi-national corporate purchasing organizations across diverse industries. Our signature seal of certification is a formal guarantee to corporations that they are purchasing goods and/or services from South African businesses that meet universal standards for WBEs. Find out more.

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SouthAfricaJune2017Two(June 30, 2017) Twenty women business owners entered the third stretch of their South African P&G Training Programme in Johannesburg. They are now approximately four weeks away from graduation set for July 28, 2017, following the completion of the 10-module programme. The training course is a collaborative initiative between P&G and WEConnect International in South Africa. Select experts from other WEConnect International corporate members are also participating and continue to add great value to specific topics. Several women business owners that oversee very successful businesses and have been certified by WEConnect International in South Africa are also participating to share industry and personal learnings with the trainees. 

(June 14, 2017) See how WEConnect International helps Jean grow her certified women's business enterprise.

Jean is also the Country Director for WEConnect International in South Africa. Click here to read her bio.

PGTrainingJun2017(June 12, 2017) It was all systems go for 21 women business owners attending modules 3 and 4 of the South African P&G Training Programme in Johannesburg, for a full day of interactive training. Among them was Rene Gopaul, a women’s business enterprise (WBE) and Managing Director of Goya Experiences, whose enthusiasm for her business was matched by her determination to absorb and apply learning from this training. “I am here to found out everything I can to make my business successful,” said Rene.

Jean Chawapiwa

Country Director, South Africa

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