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In Chile, WEConnect International is working with Mujeres Empresarias to deliver WEConnect International certification. Mujeres Empresarias is an organization that supports women business owners in all stages of entrepreneurship and represents an innovative network for women that facilitates their economic development and entry into the business world. 

ChileForum2016Group(November 3, 2016) Last week WEConnect International in Chile hosted its annual forum in Santiago. The event was well-attended by approximately 130 people including government officials, corporate representatives and women business owners.  We had the pleasure of hosting Gonzalo Gebara from Walmart, Andrea Goya from Sodexo, Javier Macchi from EY and Lorena Parra from GSD/ Merck, on our corporate panel. Their contributions to the discussion highlighted the work that WEConnect International is doing in Chile and showcased their corporations' commitment to supplier diversity. We also offered a matchmaking session where more than 50 women business owners were able to connect directly with buyers from Walmart, Sodexo, Pfizer, Monsanto, and GSD/Merck.

Cómo mejorar la recopilación de datos para transformar la información sobre las empresas de mujeres en impacto

Santiago de Chile a 25 de octubre del 2016 – Dentro del marco de su Foro Anual en Chile “Incorporando a Mujeres Empresarias en Cadenas Globales de Valor”, WEConnect International presentará los resultados preliminares del proyecto “Incrementando el crecimiento de las empresas pertenecientes a mujeres en América Latina y el Caribe con iniciativas del sector privado: Cómo mejorar la recopilación de datos para transformar la información sobre empresas de mujeres en impacto,” un estudio realizado en asociación con la organización canadiense International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

STDChileForumSpanishComing October 25, WEConnect International in Chile and Mujeres Empresarias present “Incorporating Women Owned Businesses into Global Value Chains”, an internationally-recognized event where women business owners will have the opportunity to understand multinational corporate procurement processes and leverage the benefits of the WEConnect International certification in becoming part of the corporate supply chain.

The event will offer women business owners networking opportunities, understanding of their economic potential through inclusion, best practices for supplier diversity, capability development for women business owners with special focus in doing business with large corporations, and tapping into new markets.

Full program (English).   To register, click here.

Programa completo (Español).   Información y registro aquí.

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