WEConnect International in South Africa will host our fifth Annual Conference on 6th March 2020. This year's theme, Scaling Up in 2020 for Sustainable Growth, will focus on women-owned businesses in South Africa and across the continent positioning themselves for success in the next decade. The conference will explore how to foster connections between buyers and sellers, leverage technology to enable business growth, and discover new business opportunities across Africa and beyond.

Join successful and innovative women business owners and a wide range of local and global corporations and government policy makers at EY's office in Sandton.

Speakers confirmed to date include maverick business leaders Ms. Ipeleng Mkhari, Founder and CEO, Motseng Investment Holdings, and Patricia Norris, Founder and CEO, Commuter Transport Engineering (CTE) (Pty) Ltd. Both women have broekn boundaries, smashed glass ceilings and succeeded in male dominated industries. Mkhari, who owns 70% of her solely black-owned property management company, received the Forbes Woman Africa's Pioneer Woman of the Year Award in 2015. Norris was the first female to be granted Preferred Supplier status within the nuclear environment in South Africa.




 lpeleng Mkhari
Founder and CEO, Motseng Investment Holdings
   Patricia Norris
Founder and CEO, Commuter Transport Engineering (CTE)


Conference attendees are guaranteed an opportunity to network directly with our corporate representatives such as Exxon Mobil, EY, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, IBM, Accenture, Ingersoll Rand, and other women business owners across industries.

There will be a pre-conference training and networking day on 5th March 2020 with industry titans such as EY and the United Nations Procurement Division leading training in the morning session. In the afternoon, for the first-time ever, self-registered women business owners can purchase tickets to participate in a matchmaking session with our corporate members!

Our current list of generous sponsors includes Exxon Mobil, EY, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, IBM, Ingresoll Rand, Accenture and the United Nations Procurement Division.

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 MARCH 4 - DAY 1
 INVITATION ONLY: Women Business Enterprise and Corporate/Buyer Engagement
Celebrating the excellence of Women Business Enterprises
 Helping them to scale their businesses and build confidence
  Morning   Young Female Entrepreneurs Training
  Afternoon    Networking Event: Certified Women Business Enterprises and
  Corporate/Buyer Representatives
  Young Female Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition, judged by
  WEConnect International Member Buyers
  Evening   Reception
Continuously Improving the Value of the WEConnect International Network
Promoting Corporate/Buyer Connections
Providing out of the ordinary training intervention
  Morning    Session 1: Corporate/Buyer Roundtable for WEConnect International
  members and guest corporations 
  [Corporate/Buyer Conference Package ticket] [Corporate/Buyer
  Roundtable ticket]
  Session 2: Trainings for women business owners by experienced   
  corporate/buyer representatives provided in parallel sessions.
  [Training ticket]
      Sessions 1 & 2 - EY “Managing Your Finances”
      Session 3 – The United Nations Procurement Division (to be confirmed)
  Afternoon   Matchmaking between certified women business enterprises and
  WEConnect International members 
  [Matchmaking ticket] [Corporate/Buyer Conference Package ticket]
  Evening   Reception
Scaling Up in 2020 for Sustainable Growth
[Conference Ticket] [Corporate/Buyer Conference Package ticket]
  Morning          Opening  – WEConnect International
  Welcome  – Conference Sponsor EY 
  Addresses  – Representatives of Gauteng Provincial Government
  and US Embassy 
  Women-Owned Businesses in Supply Chains
  WEConnect International Member Buyer Perspectives  Panel
  Keynote – Ipeleng Mkhari, Founder and CEO of Motseng Investment Holdings
  Health and Wellness Industry – Looking Towards 2030 Panel

 The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Impact on Business Landscape
  in South Africa”

  Spotlight on Successful Women-Owned Businesses
  WEConnect International Women Business Enterprise Perspectives Panel
  Afternoon        Lunch and Networking Break
  Africa Vision 2030 Progress and Implications for Women-Owned
– Government Perspectives Panel
  Award Ceremony for Winners of Young Female Entrepreneurs Pitch
  Competition 2020
  Women Owned Businesses in an Era of Open Trade and the African
  Continental Free Trade Agreement
 – AfCFTA Panel
  Motivational Moment Keynote – Patricia Norris, Founder and CEO, 
  CTE Investments
  Where Do We Go From Here to Scale Up in 2020? Closing by 
  WEConnect International
  Evening   Conference Reception 

 *The program will be updated as more information becomes available, so please continue to check back periodically for updates.