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What is Self-Registration?

Self-registration is a unique opportunity for women business owners to enter the WEConnect International eNetwork and partner with other women-owned businesses. Self-registration allows women business owners to create a business profile in WEConnect International’s eNetwork which is accessed by our corporate members, certified women’s business enterprises (WBEs) and other self-registered businesses globally. Self-registered companies must be 51% owned by one or more women and operate a legally-registered business in any sector. Self-registration in our network is free.


The Benefits of Self-Registration

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Access to a global community of 7,000+ women business owners, across 100+ countries, that provide B2B opportunities, insights on international trade, advice, peer support, and possibilities for informal/formal mentorship.

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Limited access to WEConnect International and partner events that provide networking opportunities with a growing community of national and multinational corporations seeking to increase spend with women suppliers.

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Opportunity to have your company information searchable in our eNetwork database by corporate members and certified Women’s Business Enterprises.

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Limited access to the WEConnect Academy including webinars by corporate buyers, certified Women’s Business Enterprises, and other subject matter experts. 

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Media and news updates on regular opportunities for WEConnect International and partner training programs, mentorship initiatives, and other activities in local and regional markets.


The Self-Registration Process

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For additional information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..