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Graciela Rojas Montemayor is the Founder and Executive Director of Profesor Chiflado. In 2004, the company emerged with the mandate to transform Mexico into a knowledge-based society that could generate social welfare through STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Through Profesor Chiflado, Graciela and her team educate children and adults through unique teaching methods that combine play, performing arts and scientific thinking to help awaken inner curiosity and generate a genuine desire for learning. 

As a WEConnect International Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, Graciela has been able to better position her company with different corporate buyers by attending WEConnect International networking events. “Attending the matchmaking meetings and introducing ourselves to the decision makers has been extremely helpful,” says Graciela, “but the key to closing our contracts has been in the follow-up and commitment of the team. It is important to always be clear about our value proposition and to effectively communicate what we do.” Since becoming a WEConnect International Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, Profesor Chiflado has gained new business from corporate members Accenture, EY, Dupont, Ford, and Monsanto.

In addition to networking events, Graciela also values the network of women business owners that WEConnect International provides. “Finding inspiration from other women entrepreneurs, knowing their initiatives, and belonging to a network that empowers women writ large helps generate additional value to your company,” says Graciela. 

Learn more about Profesor Chiflado by visiting their website or Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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